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If you own a dog a Wyoming, you know that the sparsely populated state can provide wonderful, wide open spaces to run and play. In addition, the state offers many dog parks throughout the area for special day trips and excursions.

kitten-and-puppyThe Cheyenne Community Nancy Mockler Dog Park and the Sheridan Dog Park are both fenced facilities where dogs can frolic with new canine friends without being confined to a leash. The Cheyenne park offers a special area for small, older or more fragile pets to enjoy a shaded area and a more quiet visit. For a different experience, dog owners can try out Hydro Hounds in Laramie, where pets can have a fabulous time swimming and playing in the water.

Several dog breeds enjoy the  colder Wyoming weather. The Akita is ready for hunting in winter with its heavy undercoat protected with an additional outer coat. The snow-white American Eskimo Dog is a playful pet that loves to be outdoors. Its soak-proof coat keeps the Eskimo dog dry. Another dog that features a heavy coat is the Chow Chow. This breed tolerates cold well and loves to play in the snow with people.

During all this outside winter activity, it’s easy to see how pets can sustain injury or illness. Veterinary bills can quickly add up when misfortune strikes a pet. Several companies in Wyoming offer low-cost pet insurance starting around $20 per month in some locations. These plans can help defray costs of treating conditions like canine cancer, which may reach upwards of $20,000; hip dysplasia, which may cost around $5,000; or cataract problems, which may generate a bill of $3,000 for treatment.

Pet owners may want to check out insurance offerings from Embrace Pet Insurance, Pet Plan and Healthy Paws. They offer coverage for various illnesses and injuries. Information that rates and  reviews insurance programs can be found online so that owners can compare cost and coverage.