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Wisconsin might be one of the  friendliest states for dogs in the Midwest, judging by the number of hotels, restaurants and parks that encourage them to join the fun. More than 650 hotels, bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals, and campgrounds welcome the canine members of the family to stay during trips and vacations, and more than 130 restaurants feature outdoor seating areas that invite dogs to join a dinner party as well. With some of the loveliest parks and lakes in the nation, Wisconsin has hundreds of activities, parks and beaches that allow dogs to participate.

chihuaThe cold-weather in the Packer State may be unappealing to some pets (and their owners!), but several  breeds that love colder temperatures are popular in Wisconsin. German Shepherds are not only great for herding and guarding, they are great workers in the cold. Formerly known as the “poor man’s horse,” the Greater Swiss Mountain dog would love to hike and backpack with owners around Wisconsin parks. The elegant Great Pyrenees loves winter. With their double thick coat, they are protected from the most frigid temperatures.

Although it’s a wonderful thing to be able to include pets in family excursions, it also increases the risk of running into injuries and illnesses while on the road. In fact, owners of dogs and cats face veterinary bills of more than $1,000 every six seconds.

howlsFortunately, pet insurance is readily available and affordable in Wisconsin. Pet owners have a myriad of choices to select from including coverage from providers such as Nationwide Insurance, Embrace Pet Insurance and Pet Plan. Online sites can provide  comparison information so that owners can make the best decision for their pets.

When a loved pet suffers from injury or illness, the $20 or $30 per month premium will seem like a wise investment. Treatment for Addison’s disease can reach $2,400 per year and care for animal heart disease may run up to $20,000. Pet owners can assure the best care for their pets in these and other similar situations with reliable, dependable pet insurance.