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West Virginia is an excellent state to raise pets in, whether they are indoor or outdoor ones. The weather conditions do vary, as summers can be hot and winters can be downright snowy and frosty, so it is important to choose a pet that you know you can care for no matter what the conditions. West Virginia also offers vast amounts of farmland for men and women who wish to raise outdoor farm animals, such as sheep, pigs, cows, horses, chicken and turkeys. Many also own typical house pets as well, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and more.

catUnfortunately, owning a pet means taking on a great responsibility. Pets need health care on a regular basis, just the same as we do. Even if they are strictly an indoor pet for your family, there will still be a need for veterinary care at one point or another. In just a quick blink of an eye, your pet may get hurt or injured playing in the house or going for a walk, especially when they try to chase down the plethora of birds that West Virginia offers! Just taking your pet in for a routine check-up will cost you at least $50 for most places, simply to have a vet check them over. Your pet could be seriously injured in an accident or become very sick, causing the need for emergency care. A trip to this type of center can easily cost you an arm and a leg, as these types of clinics charge more for the convenience of offering 24-hour service and the ability to just walk-in when you need to.

Pet insurance costs can be high for pets that have a chronic illness, such as cancer. Canine cancer can cost thousands of dollars to treat and you could be paying for prescriptions for years. Pet insurance can easily help defray the costs of pet bills for just a little bit a month. You can sign up online today and no longer worry what will happen if your pet falls ill and you don’t have the money to take care of them. There are typically three levels of care to choose from. The best is comprehensive coverage, which covers all types of issues, from routine check-ups to chronic conditions and everything in between. These are usually called accident and illness plans and 98% of pet insurance policies purchased are these types. There are also plans that only cover any accidents that occur for your pet. The last plan is a wellness plan that covers everyday issues such as check-ups, vaccinations, and spay/neutering.

embraceThere are many insurance policies that can easily be started online that will set you up with pet insurance for your beloved cat or dog. Embrace Pet Insurance has separate plans for each stage of your dog or cat. You can choose from a puppy or kitten plan to take care of early needs and then switch to an adult plan that covers the needs of your pet as they age. You can personalize your policy by choosing how much you wish your deductible to be and reimbursement percentage. Their comprehensive policy covers surgery, nursing care, hospitalization, behavioral therapy, breed-specific conditions, prosthetic limbs and devices and prescription medication coverage.

healthypawsHealthy Paws Pet Insurance is another pet insurance plan that will cover your pet for life and offers no limits on the amount of claims you can make. This is especially helpful for anyone who has a pet with a chronic condition and will need to be treated on a regular basis. Don’t go broke taking care of your pet when you can easily purchase a policy that will take care of them for you!