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Whether you want to snuggle up with a cat on a rainy fall afternoon or if taking your dog on a hike in the summer is more your style, Washington state is the perfect mix of seasons for all kinds of pet lovers. Seattle is home to the University of Washington and so as you might expect Huskies are one of the more popular breeds in Washington, along with the usual suspects like Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. Some surprises of most popular dogs in the Seattle area include the Bulldog and Yorkshire Terrier.

animalsHowever, what do you do if your precious little Whiskers or Fido get sick or get into some trouble outside with a wild animal? That’s why you need pet insurance. But how can you be sure which plan is the best, or what company is best for you and your pet’s needs, and isn’t insurance expensive? All valid questions, and here’s a quick answer – it’s possible that your daily coffee habit costs up to four times as much as pet insurance would cost you. As far as finding the answers to any other questions about pet insurance that you might have, all that takes is a little bit of online research (done by yours truly)!

australian-shepherdThe top 5 pet insurance companies in the state of Washington are as follows (in order of satisfaction rating): Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation (98%), Nationwide (95%), Embrace Pet Insurance (92%), Pet Plan Pet Insurance (91%), and Pets Best Pet Health Insurance (90%). This listing comes from a website that has compiled over 50,000 different reviews and testimonials of different pet insurance companies in Washington, to ensure accuracy and reliability. Healthy Paws is not only the highest rated in Washington state, but the whole country! According to reviews, they work quickly and are very accommodating. But don’t just take their word for it, find out for yourself! A complete listing of pet health insurance companies can be found at the link below, as well as all the reviews. The site uses a 5 star rating system that is easy to understand so that you know which companies to avoid at all costs and which companies you can feel safe and secure about putting your pet’s health in their hands.

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