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Veterinary Pet Insurance, or VPI, has been around for over three decades and was one of the first companies to provide insurance to pet owners. In 2009, it was acquired by Nationwide, a well-known name in the industry. VPI has a number of plans available and offers customization so that owners can find the ideal policy that fits individual animal needs. Unlike other providers, VPI offers coverage for birds and exotic animals along with traditional plans for conventional pets, including dogs and cats under the age of 10. Before choosing a policy, it is essential to examine the pros and cons of this insurance company.

Pros of VPI

  • vpi-pet-insurance-reviews-logoInsurance for All Kinds of Animals.  Although it is common for a household to have dogs and cats, it is possible for people to have birds or other exotic animals.  VPI offers coverage for all of these creatures.  Even the smallest pets, including iguanas and hamsters, can be insured.  Since these types of animals often require more costly treatments than felines or canines, special policies are needed to ensure appropriate coverage.
  • No Required Co-Pays.  Other pet insurance companies require clients to pay co-pays, which can be expensive.  With VPI, clients only pay monthly premiums and deductibles.
  • Basic Coverage is Available.  Certain pet owners want the most affordable policies available.  At VPI, it is possible to choose accident-only coverage.  Although it does not cover medical expenses that are related to illness, it will pay for emergency visits, medicine, and hospitalization.  When a client has an elderly dog or cat and is having trouble finding decent coverage, this is a viable option.
  • Multiple Pet Discount.  When a person has more than one pet that will be insured, VPI offers a multiple pet discount.  Pet owners can expect to save up to 15 percent off premiums, which is a much higher break than other companies offer.
  • Simple Quote Process.  VPI makes it simple for pet owners to receive insurance quotes.  Through its website or over the phone, a customer provides basic information, the amount of coverage needed, and the preferred deductible.  Within a short amount of time, a complete policy will be available for viewing, which includes a full description of coverage and reimbursement.  There is no pressure to buy, and quotes can be saved for future use.

Cons of VPI

  • No Coverage for Congenital Conditions.  Even though VPI offers coverage for sickness and hereditary conditions, it does not pay for treatments related to congenital problems.  VPI views these disorders as “pre-existing.”  If a pet has a birth defect that will require care, it is beet to choose a different insurance provider.

Complaints Around the Internet

petcomplainCertain VPI clients have voiced complaints about this provider. On Yelp, one man explains that he has been dissatisfied with the company’s services after it was acquired by Nationwide. He is upset that the fees have increased. Also, he tells that claims take weeks to process. Consumer Affairs is filled with consumer complaints that back these sentiments. Many loyal VPI clients noticed negative changes after Nationwide took control of the company. Slow refunds and claim processing are the most frequent issues sited.

VPI prides itself for offering affordable and quality insurance to pet owners who have a variety of animals. With the multitude of policies and customizable plans, each owner should be able to acquire coverage that satisfies the needs of his or her animals. When shopping for pet insurance, it is worth the time to consider this company.