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There is nothing that makes your home warmer than your dog rushing to welcome you or your cat snuggling beside you for comfort. Dogs and cats top the list of popular pets in Virginia. The state makes it to the top five with a high percentage of likes for pets. The warm countryside and rolling hills make it a beautiful haven for pets.

It’s hardly news that pet lovers must pop in at their vet’s for vaccination shots and other medical-related care. Often with the frostbiting cold during the winter months, animals suffer under deplorable conditions and without adequate care, they may succumb to their sufferings. It is by law that any animals living outdoors must have safe, clean and warm shelter. That said, the state encourages pet owners to consult their veterinarians for further care in case of injuries, sicknesses, and wounds.

Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats


As with most services, veterinary services do vary, and as such, some are more superior to others. Studies show that one out of every three pets experiences accidental injury. Pet care has become 70% more expensive than before which means that the pet owner must be ready to cover unexpected costs of health care for their pets in the event of an emergency. Protecting your pet’s health by seeking insurance seems like the most prudent thing to do for the best medical care.

  • Understanding Veterinary costs
  • Condition Cost to Treat (total vet cost)
  • Shoulder surgery $2,151
  • Gastritis $1,550

Checking the figures above, it is clearer now how draining a pet emergency can be for your bank account. If your bank balances are depleted, you may be in real trouble and risk losing your furry friend. Pet insurance mitigates this risk by keeping you guarded so that such challenges are easily solved. The claims are mostly handled seamlessly, and in due time, your pet is restored to perfect health.

Highest rated and cheap veterinary services

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  • PetPlan Pet Insurance
  • Pets Best Pet Health Insurance
  • Embrace Pet Insurance

Animal lovers worldwide know that the best way to care for their pets is by giving them a balanced diet and proper medical care. Do not wait till you have a medical emergency to reach out for pet insurance. Get your pet the cover they need with the cheapest and best pet insurance available.