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Why Pet Insurance is Important in Vermont

The costs of veterinary care for a sick or injured pet can add up quickly. Emergency care in case of an accident or serious illness is quite expensive. Whether your pet is dealing with a broken leg or cancer, veterinary bills will add up to thousands of dollars.

While most pet owners will have an idea of how much standard veterinary checkups and simple treatments cost, few realize how expensive more advanced treatment can become. Pet insurance is there to help pay for the cost of treatment if your companion is sick or injured. With the right insurance, pet owners can save tens of thousands of dollars.

cats3Popular Pets in Vermont

Many Vermonters have a pet as part of their household. In fact, a survey from the American Veterinary Medical Association conducted in 2012 shows that Vermont leads the nation in pet ownership, with nearly 71% of households owning at least one pet. Cats are also very popular in Vermont, as the state has the highest percentage of cat ownership in the US. Close to 50% of all households have at least one cat living there.

Regardless of which pet you have or their specific breed, insurance will help you in case your little friend becomes sick or is unfortunate enough to suffer an accident. Nearly all insurers cover cats and dogs, but certain companies also offer plans for exotic animals like birds.

How Much Will Veterinary Treatment Cost?

petinsurancecost4The answer depends on which kind of pet you have, the specifics of their condition and the veterinarian treating them. Certain conditions require more advanced and complex treatment, which will come at a higher price, just like with human healthcare. Here are some common health conditions that pets may suffer from and the average treatment costs in Vermont:

Hip dysplasia – $4,000 to 6,000

Heart disease – $5,000 to $20,000

Hemophilia – $200 to $500

Glaucoma – $2,000 to $3,000 for each eye treated

Hepatic disease – $2,000 to $5,000

Companies Offering Pet Insurance in Vermont

There are several companies which offer pet insurance to Vermont residents. As interest in insurance for domestic animals has grown recently, several insurers have entered the market, giving pet owners more choices. Pets Best, Nationwide and Embrace are a few examples of insurance companies offering coverage to pets in Vermont.

Each company will have various plan options that offer different levels of coverage. Pet owners should carefully review the details before making their selection, as the plans will have varying coverage amounts for certain types of veterinary procedures.