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Since Utah has many mountains, the climate varies quite a bit depending on the altitude of your location. Naturally, the higher the altitude, the cooler the temperatures. Utah has a great deal of sunny days, perfect for lots of fun activities with pets.

Although Tanner Park is not an official dog park, leashed dogs love the many trails in this Salt Lake City park as well as the gully and creek where off-leash swimming is allowed. South Ogden Dog Park has two acres of fenced, off leash space for dogs to play and socialize. Owners can enjoy a playground area, concessions and restrooms nearby. Willow Creek Dog Pond is a one-acre summer swimming pond for dogs at an off-leash park in Park City. This would be a  fun outing on a hot, summer day for dogs and their owners.


If you are one of the 50 percent of families who  own a dog in Utah, you’ll want to make sure your pets are safe and healthy. Many owners don’t realize the high cost of veterinary bills until an accident or injury occurs. Simple and common injuries such as broken legs may run into the thousands to treat. More serious illnesses such as canine cancer can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, the state of Utah offers both high-quality veterinary care as well as dependable  pet insurance companies. Owners can review online several companies that provide pet insurance including Embrace Pet Insurance and Healthy Paws. Varied levels of coverage as well as premiums and deductibles can be examined so owners of dogs and cats can make informed decisions for their beloved pets. Owners making the $20 to $30 monthly investment to protect their pets will be relieved if misfortune happens to strike their dog or cat. Check out the pet insurance programs today.