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For most pet owners, their pet is a member of their family. Good owners understand that they are responsible for their pet’s health care and are aware that during their pet’s lifetime, it may need medical care. Pet insurance is available to help pay the expenses should the pet become ill or have an accident. However, many owners are not sure if they actually need to purchase the insurance for their pet(s).

trupanion-pet-insurance-reviews-logoAs those who have pets know, depending on the situation, vet bills can vary from a small, manageable fee to one that can take a good chunk out of an owner’s savings. Most people want to do the best they can for their pet, but with so many pet insurance companies available to them, how do they choose the best one for their situation?

When looking into pet insurance, an owner needs to study the various plans available to find which medical visits, illnesses, medications, etc. are covered and which ones are not. Sometimes a plan may cover surgery needed for an accidental injury, but will not cover elective surgery such as spaying. Insurance may cover visits to treat an illness while not covering routine wellness visits.

The pet owner should also determine the deductions and coverage limits of the various insurance plans. Pet insurance plans usually have limits to their coverage, whether it is for each illness or accident separately or if it has a combined limit. Usually, the deductible for which the owner is responsible depends on the type of plan they purchase.

Whether an insurance plan covers extra costs should also be a consideration. For instance, many plans do not cover pets with pre-existing conditions or those of an advanced age. Some policies do not cover the costs of treatment if a pet owner is negligent. Sometimes a policy does not cover accidents unless a comprehensive plan is in effect. It is also important to know if one can use out of network providers for their pet, if necessary.

For the average pet owner, looking into all the different aspects of a pet insurance plan can be a daunting task. This is where reviews of the various insurance plans come into play. With actual owners giving their opinion of the insurance plans they use, it is possible to get an inside look at the plan one might be considering.

This article looks into the reviews of Trupanion Pet Insurance. Trupanion insures cats and dogs between the ages of eight weeks and 14 years. The insurance is available in all 50 states of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The policy has no payout limits and pays up to 90 percent of a vet bill. Depending on an owner’s needs and budget, various premiums and deductibles are available.

trupanion-pet-insurance-reviews1As with all insurance companies, Trupanion has its pros and cons. The pros of Trupanion pet insurance include:

  • It offers an unlimited lifetime cap on coverage.
  • The core policy covers congenital as well as hereditary conditions.
  • The core policy covers hip dysplasia with no extra cost, no age restrictions and no waiting period.
  • The policy covers prescription medications.
  • The policy offers dental coverage, such as extractions and root canals. It does not cover routine dental care.
  • The company offers optional benefits for an additional expense that cover physical therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and behavior modification therapy and training.
  • Most claims are settled within four days.
  • Trupanion has an A+ rating from the BBB.

However, reviews of the company have shown some negative aspects of Trupanion Pet Insurance. These cons include:

  • The policy is one of the most expensive among similar policies.
  • All policyholders must pay a one-time administrative fee of $35.
  • The lowest deductible offered can cause monthly premiums to triple.
  • There is no multi-pet discount.
  • The policy has a five-day waiting period for injuries and a 30-day waiting period for any illnesses.

Trupanion Pet Insurance offers a simple plan that covers almost any medical problem that may arise in a family pet. It is also easy to use and easily understood for both the pet owner and the veterinarian. When trying to decide on a pet insurance plan, an owner must thoroughly study the pros and cons of the various plans available. Only then can they choose the plan that best fits their pet’s medical needs while keeping within their financial means.

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