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Tennessee is certainly a state that loves its pets! From dogs to cats and beyond, you will find many Tennesseans walking their animals along the street so they can get exercise as well as fresh air. However, they also know that their beloved pets can become sick any time of the year. The state offers many different kinds of pet insurance.

petfirstPetFirst extends its coverage to Tennessee residents. They offer a number of coverage forms, including a Lifetime Accident and Illness Plan that will take care of the animal’s illnesses throughout life. Note that this care usually tackles future illnesses, however, and not past on-going ones. They cover sicknesses for both cats and dogs. Most of the usual issues are covered for both kinds of animals, such as diarrhea, upset stomach, allergies, or ear infections. However, some coverage differs for each animal, such as arthritis coverage for dogs and hyperthyroidism for cats.

Healthy Paws is another insurance company that is used in Tennessee. Their statistics show that 1 in every 3 animals contact an unexpected illness. Healthy Paws offers coverage for cats and dogs, including insurance for more serious ailments like cancer or effects of accidents. Like the former insurance company, however, this only deals with future illnesses.

nationwide-pet-insuranceNationwide also covers pet insurance in Tennessee. They offer coverage for any vet in not only Tennessee, but even the world as well as a risk-free guarantee. They are often used by many pet parents and are the largest pet-insuring company in the country. They even offer up to 90% back on veterinary bills. They also offer different kinds of coverage, such as Whole Pet Coverage, which starts at $64 per month. Next is Major Medical, starting at $34 per month. This covers things like exams and surgeries. Finally, there is Pet Wellness, which starts at $17 per month and helps with vaccinations, flea and heartworm preventions.

There are many options for pet insurance throughout the state of Tennessee. It’s very important to make sure our animals stay as healthy and active as possible throughout their lives. They give us so much love and admiration, so it’s up to us to determine whether or not they have the best care they deserve.