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It may come as no surprise to find the most popular pet in South Dakota is the dog, but these residents love their cats and horses too. South Dakota may have one of the greatest pet proclivities in our country because the population is so spread at, according to the Rapid City Journal. South Dakota’s climate allows for herds, which calls for dogs and horses to help round them up to care for them.

pets31The climate in South Dakota is uniquely suited for this type of pet ownership, with summers remaining temperate with the average high around 90 °F and average winter lows averaging 10 °F. Because South Dakota has such cold winters, outdoor shelters are often used to house pets and herds in the winter, however many choice to bring their cats and dogs indoor for the winter.

Because pets are so prolific in South Dakota, so are vet bills. There are a number of affordable pet insurance policies available in South Dakota such as: Healthy Paws, Petplans, Petsbest and Nationwide. Comparing offerings by these plans helps pet owners in South Dakota select the best plan for their dogs, cats and other unique pets. Finding the best insurance at the right price helps pet owners protect their fur babies just as they protect any family member with health insurance.

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