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Owning a pet creates a big difference in life. A pet provides companionship and encourages kids and adults to embrace an active life. Besides, trained pets can also improve the security of your home.

cats2Due to the importance of pets, you are required to be responsible for your pets by caring for the pets at all time. Just like people, pets may get injured or even fall sick. If left untreated, the pet may die. Furthermore, a sick pet may place a pet owner at a higher risk of being exposed to the disease the pet is suffering from.

Most pet owners face a challenge of providing proper medical attention because an illness may strike when a person is not financially prepared. In other times, pet health care services are high and you have to strain financially to settle the medical expenses.

The best way you can prepare for a pet’s health emergency is to find a cheap pet insurance service provider who will take charge of all veterinary costs. Depending on the insurance provider, your pet will be covered when receiving preventive care, emergency care, accidents, and symptomatic treatment.

Unique Climate conditions for pets in South Carolina

labrador-retrieverSouth Carolina experiences humid and hot climate. The coastal areas experience mild winters. Given the hot and humid climate, most pets may face a temperature regulation challenge.

If pets are left closed in car or kennel, they use a lot of energy panting. A pet may also experience suffer a heat stroke after a lengthy barking or playing.

Pets may collapse due to the high temperatures. Just like any other animal, high temperatures are detrimental to the body cells. As a result, the pet may show symptoms of bloody diarrhea or liver and kidney failure.

Favorite pets in South Carolina

Most pet parents in South Carolina keep dogs and cats as the primary pets. Typical dog breeds in South Carolina are the Boxer, Yorkshire terrier, Labrador retriever, and German shepherd. Devon Rex, Ragdoll, Burmese, and the Domestic short and medium hair are the common types of cat breeds.

Pet Insurance Companies in South Carolina

There are numerous pet insurance providers in South Carolina. Finding one should not be a problem. Here are some pet insurance companies operating in South Carolina

  1. 200_embraceEmbrace Pet Insurance

Embrace pet insurance offers pet insurance services in all cities around South Carolina. Embrace Pet Insurance provides affordable coverage policies that are accessible to most pet owners. Under their plans, you are allowed to take your pet to any veterinary service provider within the state when it falls sick. Pet parents who insure more pets can receive a discount. You can find monthly premiums costing from as little as $11.67 to $40.93.

  1. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation

At healthy paws and insurance, you will receive Doggy and Puppy insurance and cat and kitten insurance. Your pets will be insured against cancer, accidents, emergency care, and other chronic diseases.

Claims are processed within 3-10 days. Customers are not required to fill any application forms .

  1. PET Insurance

PET insurance provides cheap insurance plans for both dogs and cats. Unlike other insurance providers, PET insurance plans cater for all area-specific health conditions that may affect the pets.

Some of the common diseases insured by the company are infections, parasites, emergency care, and rabies.

Pet insurance will cater for veterinary fees whenever your pet falls sick. Depending on the pet insurance provider, the insurance provider may also cover expenses that may arise when your pet attacks someone. Furthermore, the insurance provider may cater for the costs of taking care of your pet in case you are hospitalized.