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The climate in Rhode Island is often unpredictable due to its proximity to the ocean. Storms and hurricanes can wreak havoc in some areas as well. Typically, Rhode Island has humid, short summers and significant snowfall during its cold winters. The state does experience about 200 sunny days a year, and many dog-friendly activities are available when one of those sunny days comes around.


Dog owners looking for  fun activities in the area may want to consider a visit to South Kingstown Dog Park, which features separate fenced-in areas for small and large dogs. Grassy areas and shade trees add to the park landscape. If a bigger excursion is desired, pet owners can treat their dogs to a Gansett Cruise in Newport. Owners are welcomed to bring their dogs on a tour of the coast and harbor.

When the winter sets in, some popular cold weather breeds will be in their glory. Rhode Island dog lovers looking for cold weather canine pals may consider the Alaskan malamute. This breed is often considered the ultimate cold-weather pet as it originated as an Arctic sled dog. Chow Chows feature wooly coats that are perfect for their personalities, which love playing in the snow with their human companions. German shepherds are strong, energy-filled dogs that learn quickly and make great guard dogs.

tiereIf your German shepherd, however, should suffer hip dysplasia, which is a common ailment for this breed, are you prepared to provide adequate veterinary care? This condition can cost $4,000 to $6,000 per hip to repair. Other common veterinary services can result in even higher bills.

Fortunately, Rhode Island veterinary care is among the best in the world, but the costs can be high depending on the illness or injury. Pet owners may wisely considering purchasing pet insurance from a highly rated company such as Healthy Paws, Nationwide Insurance or Pet Plan. All organizations provide different levels of premium, deductible and coverage so that owners can select the plan that fits their situation. Premiums can be as low as $20 per month depending on breed, age of pet and health. It’s a small price to pay for ensuring that your loved companion can get the care it needs.