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Oregon’s climatic conditions are generally mild. In the West of the Cascade Mountains, winters are cold with occasional rain, while light snowfall happens for some few days a year. Temperatures in Oregon can get exceptionally low even if it is just once in a while. The raised desert regions of the state are much drier, with little or no rain, cold winters, more snow, and warm summers.

A maritime climate prevails in Western Oregon, while the eastern Cascade Range in Eastern Oregon experiences semi-arid climatic conditions. These conditions have been reported to be ideal for many types of pets. Different types of pets have proved to thrive in the Oregon’s climatic conditions.

The Humane Society of United States ranked Oregon at position two in the list of states considered to be animal-friendly in 2015. The report placed Oregon behind California with ratings of 65% and 71% respectively.

According to a survey report released in 2011 by the American Veterinary Medical Association, Oregon was ranked among the top 10 states with the highest number of pets in US. The report placed Oregon in fourth place —just behind South Dakota, New Mexico, and Vermont.

The most common pets in Oregon homes include:


Dogs have been a piece of man’s family for nearly 14,000 years. They are known for their faithfulness, dedication, and intelligence. These canine friends have remained close to humans due to their ability to guard homes against invaders while still being tender and playful to their owners. Indeed, dogs are the most popular and most cherished pets in Oregon.


The number of pet cats in Oregon is almost as high as that of pet dogs. This is because households that own cats have a tendency to own more than one cat.


There are a considerable number of birds screeching in many Oregon homes at this moment. Generally, birds can’t be tamed. However, they can create bonds with their owners. The most common pet birds are the canaries cherished for their wonderful singing, talking fowls for their entertainment, and other beautifully feathered birds.


bunnyThese charming and fuzzy hoppers require attention. They should be frequently exercised. They also require time to get used to their owners before they demonstrate their love. However, once they get used to you, they’ll be the best pets you’ll ever have. Rabbits are already a popular pet among many homeowners in Oregon.

As a pet guardian, you need to give your dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds the best care possible, at all times. However, when wounds and diseases come up out of the blue, the expenses can suddenly turn into hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Pet health insurance helps you clear your unforeseen veterinary costs, in case your pet has an injury or turns out to be sick, you need not worry because you have an insurance cover. It will help you follow your veterinarian’s prescribed course of treatment with a peaceful financial mind.

Some of the popular pet insurance companies in Oregon include:

These pet insurance companies cover a wide number of issues. From diagnostic examination to medical prescriptions. They also offer advanced pet treatment and beyond in instances where the pet is in very bad state.

There are so many advantages of owning a pet or pets in a homestead. Pets give physical and mental advantages to their owner. Pets can manage depression and even help in reducing high blood pressure for those who are sick. However, just like anything else, one must care for the pet for him or her to enjoy its benefits. Subsequently, it is important to ensure that the pet is insured by a reputable insurance company to avoid unforeseen expenses in the event that it falls sick.