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There’s nothing more devastating than receiving bad news about your pet’s health.

Yes, there is….

Receiving that bad news and feeling helpless. Wanting desperately to do all you can to help your pet regain health and vitality. After all, they are part of your family. Without them there would a void in your life.

But there is good news for pet owner’s in Oklahoma! We take our pet’s health very seriously in the Sooner state. There are multiple companies that offer competitive rates allowing owner’s to shop and choose the best plan.

First Things First

chowchowPet Premium to learn all about pet health insurance in Oklahoma. Get information on different breeds that will be compatible with you and your family.

Embrace has multiple locations in Oklahoma to help you make pet insurance decisions. They offer discounts if you have more than one pet to insure and can quote prices on monthly and yearly premiums.

Healthy is still another option for information on types of insurance with links to pet adoption, pet rescue, and other vital tools for you to use.

Owning and caring for a pet is a tremendous responsibility, but one that reaps reward after reward. Peace of mind for you is knowing your pet receives the best care possible in sickness and maintaining good health throughout their life.

What are popular dog breeds in Oklahoma?

labradorMost of these breeds are well known favorites among many people. Choosing a dog breed is important and dependent upon whether or not you have children, if you live in an apartment or have a house with a yard, your age and preference to temperament and personality.

Oklahoma’s climate is still another factor to consider when choosing a dog. We have long summers and months of very hot weather. A breed with a very thick coat might not do well, especially if there are times when have to stay out of doors. Our winters can be mild, but there are short periods of ice and extremely cold temperatures. Planning ahead for these climate changes can insure your pet is comfortable and safe.

Hopefully, these are things that will help as you prepare for that new furry member of your family. With the proper information, you can enjoy many happy, healthy years of pet peace of mind.