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Contrary to popular belief, North Dakota is not cold all the time. In fact, it boasts more than two hundred sunny or partly sunny days annually. While weather patterns vary across the state, the warm, sunny season is typically at its height during the months of June, July and August. Winter does, prevail, however, as a challenging season fraught with snow and ice, with an average temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

kittenpuuptThere are a high number of hunters in North Dakota, so it stands to reason that sports dogs, such as the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever are two of the most popular dog breeds in the state. There are a good number of cat owners as well, with the Maine Coon being the most popular variety.

Each year, 1 in every 3 pets will experience an injury or unexpected illness that requires veterinary care. Because of the rising costs of pet health care, more pet owners than ever are opting to purchase North Dakota pet insurance for the protection of their animals.

HealthyPaws Pet Insurance & Foundation offers affordable pet insurance for dogs and cats in North Dakota. The company covers up to 90% of all veterinary bills with no limit on lifetime benefits. The company allows pet owners to select any licensed veterinarian, and covers such things as ACL tears in the knees, medical tests, cancer and alternative medical care.

Nationwide Pet Insurance offers North Dakota pet owners choices for reimbursement types that include payments based on a percentage of the treatment costs or a capped amount for each treated condition regardless of actual costs. The company enables one to choose the type of coverage received from among whole pet insurance, major medical and pet wellness insurance plans.

1Embrace Pet Insurance offers coverage for accidents and illnesses, but also includes coverage for things that other pet insurance companies do not cover. For instance, genetic conditions, alternative therapies, specialist clinics, cancer treatments and chronic conditions are all covered, depending on the insurance plan chosen. Embrace Pet Insurance does not charge any hidden monthly fees, nor does it charge sign up fees. The company features a flexible wellness plan that reimburses pet owners without per-item limits.

PetPlan Insurance offers a standard coverage plan that reimburses a percentage of veterinarian-related costs for accidents and injuries, exam fees, illnesses, MRI, ultrasound, cat scan, a variety of diagnostic treatments, surgery, rehabilitation, prescription medications, cancer treatments and alternative therapies. Pet owners are offered optional coverage that includes behavioral therapies, vacation cancellation, death from illness or injury, advertising and reward, loss due to straying or theft and boarding kennel fees. The insurance includes coverage for all chronic and hereditary conditions, including non-routine dental treatments.

PetsBest Pet Health Insurance covers costs of veterinarians located anywhere in the world. They have separate policies designed especially for the coverage of dogs and cats, and offer a routine care coverage that helps pet owners pay for their pet’s routine vet visits. PetsBest is also known for making it easy for pet owners to file claims by offering an easy-to-use online claim filing system. Most claims are processed within 5 days. At the pet owner’s request, reimbursements may be deposited directly into one’s bank account.

Hannah, The Pet Society offers North Dakota pets total lifetime care that is advertised as an alternative to traditional health insurance policies for pets. They offer solutions without term limits, deductibles, co-pay, maximums or exclusions.