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Did you know that more than 150,000 dogs and 27,000 cats live in North Carolina? These popular pets enjoy the Tar Heel state’s mild climate. As the state sits between the Atlantic coast and the Appalachian Mountain range, it is shielded from colder temperatures, boasting of a low of about 50 degrees in the winter. Summers reach an average of 90 degrees, providing a comfortable climate for pets and their owners year-round.

labradorThe most popular dog breeds in the state are labrador retrievers, chihuahuas, pit bulls, Yorkshire terriers and Shih-Tzus. According to Banfield Pet Hospital, the most common problems faced by North Carolina dogs include dental tartar, weight problems, fleas, ear infections and upper respiratory diseases.

When pet owners are faced with one of these common ailments in their pets or a more serious disease or injury, they are often surprised at the veterinary bill that follows. Dogs and cats in this country are fortunate to live in a place with exceptional animal care, but that care comes with a cost. For instance, congenital heart defect can cost $15,000 to $20,000 to treat and degenerative spinal stenosis between $2,500 to $5,000 to cure.

healthypawsSeveral reputable pet insurance companies in North Carolina offer coverage in case your pet falls victim to illness or injury. Healthy Paws, Nationwide Insurance or Embrace Pet Insurance are among the top rated companies, providing everything from accident-only insurance to complete pet wellness coverage. For a modest premium of around $20 to $30 per month, pet owners can have the piece of mind that they will be able to afford necessary treatment for their beloved pet.

Online sites provide rating systems that have examined coverage, cost and customer service as well as the company providing the coverage. Pet owners would do well to research pet insurance options and select the plan that best meets their pet’s needs.