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New Jersey sits in an unusual spot in the United States where wet, hot, dry and cold airstreams can affect the  climate in multiple combinations resulting in extremely unpredictable weather for pet owners and their furry friends.

catsdoctorWhen a nice day presents itself, dog owners may want to take advantage of the many activities in the New Jersey area that are  friendly to canine creatures. Sunset Beach welcomes leashed dogs and even features a restaurant called the Sunset Beach Grill that allows pets to join outside tables. Brookdale Dog Park in Montclair offers a fully fenced area with a special space for small dogs, agility equipment, and waste bags. In Blackwood, Timber Creek Park has a nine-acre fenced park for off-leash frolicking. On warm days, dogs can enjoy swimming in a small lake as well.

Many decades ago, the  Rutgers-Eagleton Poll found that dogs were the most popular pets in New Jersey. Cats came in at a far second with tropical fish, birds and rabbits bringing up the rear. Although the study was reported in the 1970s, the popularity of dogs has not ceased. Many pet owners select the quintessential “man’s best friend” and treat their dogs like a member of the family.

Unfortunately, many pet owners fail to ask themselves what happens when their beloved pet falls to illness or injury. Although New Jersey boasts some of the finest veterinary hospitals in the country, treatment is expensive. For instance, a sick sinus could run between $5,000 to $15,000 to treat while a poisoning could be as little as $250 or as high as $5,000.

Several highly rated pet insurance companies such as Embrace Pet Insurance and Healthy Paws offer coverage to New Jersey dog and cat owners, with variable deductible, premium and coverage options. Owners would do well to pay the modest premiums that are around $30 per month in anticipation of illness or injury.