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Nebraska climate is fairly typical of the Midwest region with cold winters and hot summers. All four seasons have their distinct characteristics, providing a wide variety of opportunities for outdoor excursions for pets and their owners.

bulldogOn a beautiful spring day, pet owners may want to take their dog to Waggin’ Tails Bark Park at Centennial Park in North Platte. This fenced-in, two-acre park features a private play area for small pups as well as water fountains and benches. In Omaha, Hanscom Dog Park also has a small dog area as well as an area specially for large dogs. Hills and trees provide a lovely landscape for any afternoon visit. Oak Lake Dog Park in Lincoln has an off-leash fenced area as well as a picnic spot and a creek for water-loving canines.

All of these activities are well-loved by dogs throughout the Cornhusker State, but unfortunately, can also be an occasion for an accident every once in a while. Owners, especially those who might have a new dog or cat, may not be aware of typical veterinary costs associated with accidents, injuries or illness. A simple broken leg could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars into the thousands.

Smart pet owners who care about the health and well being of their pet invest in pet insurance. Nebraska is actually rated as the fourth cheapest state to obtain pet insurance, with premiums in the $20 range for most areas. Companies such as Nationwide Insurance and Healthy Paws are highly rated in the state for providing good coverage at affordable prices as well as delivering excellent customer service.

Whether a cat or dog is named Max, Lucy or Bella, which are the three most common pet names in Nebraska, or has an unusual namesake with a story, owners are wise to obtain pet insurance to protect their dog or cat from unfortunate accidents, illness or injury. When that day comes, pet owners will be happy they made the investment.