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Majestic mountains, flowing rivers and winding valleys make Montana a lovely place to live and visit. And according to the  Banfield State of Pet Health Report for 2013, Montana is the state where cats and dogs have the longest average lifespan. The study considered genetics, breed type, preventive care, size and sterilization practices, and found that Montana cats live an average of 14.3 years while dogs averaged a 12.4-year lifespan.a

banfieldOne popular dog that lives in this rugged, cold-weather climate is the Tibetan terrier, which feature a heavy coat as well as large, flat feet that resemble built-in snowshoes. This gentle breed is a great best friend for outdoor excursions. Another Montana-loving breed is the Siberian Husky, which is a great dog for those who want a companion while they are staying extremely active. The lovable 120- to 200-pound St. Bernard would be a great choice for those Montana residents who are looking for a loyal, affectionate, albeit somewhat lazy, friend. St. Bernards will put their muscles to work when asked to locate those who are lost.

Although Montana pet owners have the benefit of excellent veterinary care as well as a great environment for pets to live and roam, the varied terrain can also result in a myriad of pet injuries including broken bones and torn ligaments. As a result, pet owners may want to seriously consider purchasing pet insurance. For as little as $20 a month, owners can ensure that they will be able to care for their pet in case of injury or illness.

Many different companies such as Nationwide Insurance, Healthy Paws and Embrace Pet Insurance provide coverage for expensive veterinary care when your pet needs it. So when your dog breaks a leg and requires a $5,000 surgery, you can rely on your pet insurance to cover the bulk of the procedure.

More information can be found easily online by checking out  web sites that rate pet insurance companies based on coverage, cost, customer satisfaction and the parent company. With a little research, pet owners can make the best informed decisions to protect their pets and themselves.