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Missouri winters are usually cool to cold, but the state’s summers are one of hottest and most humid in the country. Since the state is not near large bodies of water or mountains, it often experiences extreme temperatures. This kind of climate can be taxing on both people and their pets, but can also provide opportunities to enjoy a wide range of activities as well.

chowchowOwners living near or traveling to the Kansas City area may want to stop at Longview Lake to enjoy an off-leash dog training area. Three Dog Bakery is a unique shop designed just for canine customers in Kansas City as well. Full of special treats, free samples and natural spa products for dogs, this shop is a doggie favorite. In Branson, dog owners and their pets can enjoy a 1.5 acre fenced facility in Stockstill Park. Unleashed dogs are welcomed to play and socialize with other visitors. Small and large dogs have special areas, and the park offers concrete paths, a pavilion, picnic benches, and agility equipment.

Dog parks and activities can be wonderful treats, but owners often fail to consider accidents and injuries that might result. Common injuries such as torn ligaments might cost between $3,000 and $6,000 at a Missouri veterinary hospital. If your pet experiences digestive issues like stomach bloat or ulcers, treatment can reach $7,000. Pet owners who don’t want to be caught in making the decision between spending a significant amount of money or letting their pet suffer through an illness or injury without proper treatment should consider pet insurance.

collarCompanies such as Healthy Paws and Embrace Pet Insurance offer a wide variety of insurance plans for pets. Owners can decide whether to purchase coverage for accidents only or select a wellness insurance package that includes regular check-ups. Deductible levels and premium levels can also be varied and will depend somewhat on breed, age and health of a pet. Typical premiums are in the $20 to $30 range per month.

Owners can spend sometime reviewing  online sites that compare and contrast various pet insurance programs to select the best one for their cat or dog.