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Mississippi has a very mild climate all year long. The warm weather in the Magnolia State allows people to partake in activities outside 365 days a year. Any animal that loves to run and frolic outdoors will love being in this state! Dogs and cats are two perfect examples of pets that will enjoy the mild weather the state offers.

pets21Unfortunately, outside activity can mean accidents and trips to the vet. You may even find that you need to take your four-legged friend to an animal hospital. Veterinary treatment can get expensive, especially when you do have to make an unexpected trip to the ER. When you do go into a veterinary hospital, you may be amazed at how much it looks like a human hospital! They use many of the same diagnostic tools that our own human hospitals and doctor offices carry.

Because of the expense associated with owning a pet, it is vital that you purchase pet insurance as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may be hit unexpectedly with a large vet bill. Many ER clinics want their cash up front or they can refuse treatment. Having pet insurance can easily save you thousands of dollars if you find your pet needs emergency surgery. Not only that, cheap pet insurance will help defray the costs of general work, such as checkups, shots, ear cleanings and more.

Cost is definitely a factor for most people when they look into pet insurance. A plan that is too much is not going to go over well with anyone. The best way to find a great plan that costs less is to do some comparison shopping. Keep in mind that various animals cost more or less than others, as well as the breeds. For example, vet care for a dog will normally be more expensive than a cat, and a great dane will cost more than a mixed breed. Still, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg each month for quality cheap pet insurance.

healthypawsOne quality pet insurance company is Healthy Paws.They insure your pets with no limits on the amount of claims you can make. That means that you can use your insurance no matter how many times you take Fido in to see the vet! They cover the following issues: illness, accidents, chronic conditions, hereditary conditions, cancer, surgery, x-rays, blood tests, prescription medication, hospitalization, ultrasounds and more. After enrolling in healthy Paws, you are able to go to any licensed veterinary care center, which also includes specialists and emergency centers.

embraceEmbrace is another cheap pet insurance plan that will work well for your animals and allow you to keep costs as low as possible. Their flexible wellness plan offers routine care coverage, as well as coverage for genetic and chronic conditions. There are no hidden monthly fees; what you sign up for is what you will be charged. Embrace covers illness, accidents, alternate therapies, cancer treatments and much more. There are no networks in the plan that you must use, so you are able to choose any vet that you like with no loss to your coverage.

Don’t get stuck scrambling for money when your pet falls ill in Mississippi. Cheap pet insurance will help cover the costs of almost any condition or situation so you don’t have to drain your savings to take care of a problem. Our pets are part of our families and should have the same type of health insurance coverage as us. Find a plan that works well for you in Mississippi today and your pet will thank you later!