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Minnesota has an  unusual climate for pets. Most of the state has a continental climate, which can mean hot, humid summers and cold, frigid winters. When the seasons change in Minnesota, it is a clear change. In the northern part of the state, Lake Superior offers a moderating effect in the area, keeping temperatures away from the extremes.

insurancecost7The most popular dogs in Minnesota are some of the well-loved canines in the country. Owners are fond of labrador retrievers, typically known as loyal and affectionate. German shepherds are a popular working dog and thrive in homes with strong leaders and clear expectations. Golden retrievers are loved in Minnesota and well-suited for the colder winters with their long-haired, water-resistant coats. They are a great match for Minnesota hunters. Siberian huskies love being part of Minnesota families and appreciate the cold outdoors as well.

Whether pet owners have any of these dogs, other breeds or feline friends instead, the health and well-being of pets is important to any loving owner. Most people don’t realize how expensive veterinary care can be, until an injury or illness strikes their pet. Common injuries such as a torn ligament can cost $3,000 to $10,000 to repair while an incident of canine cancer can run upwards of $20,000.

In order to protect themselves from these high costs, pet owners may want to consider purchasing pet insurance. Several companies offer excellent plans in Minnesota including Nationwide Insurance and Healthy Paws. Coverage can be limited to accident only or can be a comprehensive wellness plan, giving your pet complete coverage in most circumstances. Typical premium payments are between $20 and $30 a month, depending on the breed, age and health of a dog or cat.

Online web sites provide excellent comparisons of costs and coverages so pet owners can select the plan that best meets their needs.