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Cool weather and beaches don’t seem to go together, but for those pets and their owners who live in Michigan, they can be a regular occurrence.

love-petsOne breed of dog that enjoys cold weather is the Bulgarian shepherd, which loves to be outside romping around in the day and sleeping outdoors at night. The Keeshond is a great pet for areas with bone-chilling cold and damp air as its thick fur protects it from the elements. Owners that love the Michigan outdoors will have a loyal companion in this breed, which requires a lot of exercise to stay happy. Families looking for a great  cold-breed dog may want to consider the Newfies. Friendly and protective, this breed used to work in icy waters for rescue jobs.

Michigan has plenty of icy waters in the winter, and not-so-warm waters in the hottest summer days. That doesn’t stop its residents and their pets from enjoying the many beaches that border the state.

The Nordhouse Dunes provides many trails on the Lake Michigan shoreline for dogs and their owners to explore. Sand dunes, marshes, woods and beaches are great fun for visitors. Mill Pond Dog Park in Saline offers dogs a great place to swim and play in the water. This off-leash dog park is fenced on three sides with water on the fourth side, providing a day of freedom and fun for your canines. Several  other beaches and parks are available throughout the state.

Although the idea of romping and playing at the beach sounds like a relaxing vacation or a great way to spend a weekend, it can also increase the chance of injury. One common injury, hip dysplasia, can cost about $5,000 per hip. Although most broken bones for pets may be only a few hundred dollars to repair, that injury could also run up into the thousands.


Before your cat or dog requires veterinary care for an injury, illness or emergency, owners may want to consider pet insurance. For between $20 and $30 per month, owners can be protected and rest assured that if something happens to their beloved pet, they will be able to obtain the care they need.

In Michigan, many insurance companies provide pet insurance including Healthy Paws, Embrace and Pets’ Best. Check out their  online ratings to see how they compare in costs, coverage and customer satisfaction.