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Owning a pet in Maryland isn’t always just about playing and cuddling with your fur ball. When you own a dog or cat, you take on a tremendous amount of responsibility. Pets need health care and when an emergency happens, you may need to come up with quick cash on the spot. Maryland is a great place to own a dog or a cat, or even a few of each breed, because of the mild weather in the spring, summer and fall months. Your pet will have plenty of opportunities to get outside and play during these months. Many Maryland residents also keep outdoor farm animals because of these weather conditions, such as sheep, cows, ducks, horses and chickens, to name a few. However, pet care is an expense that one must always be prepared for, no matter how healthy their pet may be at the moment.

lamb1You may walking your puppy on his or her leash when they suddenly break away from you to chase a squirrel and are hit by an oncoming car. Maybe your cat gets out and gets into a scuffle with a larger feral animal and comes home bleeding and limping. You’re going to need to take them to the vet right then and there. Unfortunately, an emergency trip to the local veterinarian can cost hundreds of dollars, especially if your pet needs x-rays and hospitalization. You’ll also need to pay the money before the services are given. What can you do if you don’t have it?

Be proactive and purchase pet insurance before any accidents or illnesses occur in your dog or cat. Pet insurance is easy to find online and takes just a few minutes to sign up for. These policies cover a multitude of problems, such as prescription costs, emergency surgery, cancer treatments, cataracts, blood work, x-rays and so much more. According to Pet Insurance Quotes, cataract surgery can easily start at $2,000 to treat. Broken bones may cost $500 or more to fix, and if your dog has an ongoing illness such as canine cancer, you are looking at thousands upon thousands in treatment. Too often, pet owners are faced with a very heartbreaking decision when their pet falls severely ill and they don’t have the money to take care of them.

petinsurancecost5Pet insurance will cover these bills when you set up a policy first. Comprehensive pet insurance plans will cover costs associated with chronic conditions, genetic illness, accidents and much more. Some plans even offer pet owners coverage on routine pet care, such as vaccinations and neutering/spaying. However, the coverage for the bigger issues is what makes these plans so important. You can make sure your pet gets the help and care they need so very much without going completely broke doing it, or having to euthanize your pet because you can’t continue paying for them. However, be sure to read the fine print when choosing a plan. You’ll want to make sure that you find coverage that will take care of as much as possible. You don’t want the one problem your dog or cat has to be the one thing your plan doesn’t cover!

Click on Pets Best to learn more about coverage for your pet in Maryland, or NationWide to learn more about the different plans available for your pets. Don’t be left paying hundreds of dollars when you don’t have to. Pet insurance is a must the minute you buy or adopt a new pet. They are part of the family now and deserve the same health coverage as we do!