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Healthy Paws provides pet insurance for cats and dogs. It reimburses owners when their animals fall ill or suffer accidental injuries. The company offers multiple plans with different deductibles and copayments. Although a few of its rules remain controversial, Healthy Paws receives high praise from customers and media outlets.


healthy paws pet insurance ReviewsBoth Canine Journal and Consumer’s Advocate selected this company as the best provider of pet insurance. These organizations have highlighted the fact that Healthy Paws covers numerous medical conditions. It doesn’t place limits on lifetime or per-claim reimbursement.

Unlike most insurers, the company covers hip dysplasia and other genetic health problems. It pays for pets to undergo emergency surgeries or receive cancer treatments. This insurer also funds prescription drugs for animals. It covers just about any sickness or injury.

Each customer can choose a plan with coinsurance and deductibles that fit his or her budget. For example, a $100 deductible and 10 percent co-pays may minimize out-of-pocket expenses. On the other hand, a $500 deductible with 30 percent copayments will cut insurance premiums.

Many clients appreciate the quick customer service and claim processing that Healthy Paws offers. Nearly 230 people have reviewed this firm on Yelp, and it has earned an average rating of four stars. Numerous pet owners mention that the company makes it easy to submit claims.

The Better Business Bureau also has a high opinion of this insurer. This organization has accredited Healthy Paws and awarded it an A+ rating. The BBB reports that HP genuinely makes an effort to respond to customer complaints. Additionally, it has remained in business for over six years.

Another benefit of using Healthy Paws is that it allows customers to visit a wide range of veterinarians. Pet owners can use any licensed medical provider in the United States or Canada. This gives peace of mind to travelers who bring cats or dogs on vacations.

Healthy Paws contributes to charities that help stray animals. People don’t even have to buy coverage to make a difference. This insurer donates cash every time someone requests a quote. The money funds medical treatments for needy pets.


healthy paws pet insurance ReviewsLike its competitors, Healthy Paws doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. It also excludes teeth cleanings, pregnancy-related care, vaccines, spaying, neutering and preventive treatments. Customers usually aren’t reimbursed for pest or parasite removal expenses. This company only covers hip dysplasia one year after enrollment.

Older pets don’t always receive the same level of coverage as younger animals. If a customer enrolls a pet that is more than five years old, this insurer won’t pay for hip dysplasia treatments. Pets can only qualify for a $500 deductible after reaching eight years of age.

A few customers complain about various problems, such as slow reimbursement. The BBB reports that it receives an average of 4.3 complaints per year. Some people criticize Healthy Paws’ rules about hip dysplasia or international coverage. For instance, a Yelp user griped that the company wouldn’t pay for treatment in France.

To sum it up, this insurer upholds more beneficial policies than most competitors. The majority of Healthy Paws pet insurance reviews are quite positive. Although customers may obtain cheaper plans elsewhere, they rarely find equivalent service and coverage.