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If you have a pet, you may want to consider getting pet insurance. Vet bills can be expensive, especially in the first few years of an animal’s life when it needs a number of shots and vaccines. Older pets may also need more care as they are more susceptible to illness.

One pet insurance plan that you may look at to help ease the cost of caring for your pet is Banfield’s pet insurance. To help you determine if this plan is right for you, we’ve covered what the plan includes, what the pros and cons are and what Banfield pet insurance reviews have to say about it.

What’s In The Plan

banfield-pet-insurance-reviewsThe Banfield Wellness Plan is sometimes referred to as insurance, but it is not a true insurance policy in that it only covers very specific items. There are potential discounts for services related to unexpected pet injury and illness, but it is not close to full coverage.

Banfield offers plans for puppies and kittens as well as cats and dogs, and they allow you to create your own plan based on the needs of your pet and how much care you expect your pet will need. Along with picking a basic plan, you can add things like flea and tick control, dental care, chronic care and spaying or neutering to your plan.

While plans are customizable, every plan includes office visits, standard vaccinations, twice a year physical exams and early screenings for health issues. You’ll also get discounts on products and services from Banfield that aren’t covered by the plan.

Pros of Banfield Pet Insurance

nationwide-pet-insurance-reviewsThe upside of Banfield’s plan is that you can greatly reduce the cost of shots and vaccinations for young cats and dogs. Additionally, if you have a pet that is older or is prone to illness, having unlimited office visits can enable you to worry less about the cost of caring for your pet.

Another benefit of the plan is that you get discounts on items that aren’t covered by the plan, and discounts range anywhere from five to 20 percent. If you have more than one pet, there is a $15 discount for each additional pet that is added to the plan.

You also don’t have to worry about deductibles or additional out of pocket costs if you sign up for the Banfield Wellness plan. So long as whatever being done to your pet is covered in your plan, there are no additional charges beyond your monthly payment.

Cons of Banfield Pet Insurance

The two main drawbacks of the Banfield Wellness plan are that it is not a true insurance plan and that pets are only able to be taken to Banfield to receive discounted care. With most standard pet insurance plans, you have several options for where you can take your pet in an emergency and receive a reimbursement.

Since the Banfield plan is also more focused on preventative and basic care, emergency visits and procedures are also not covered even if you take your pet to Banfield for care.

What Reviews Say

petsThe main complaint about the Banfield Wellness Plan is that it is not really a pet insurance plan. As a result, if you are not aware of what you’re signing up for, you could pay years of fees only to discover that the care your pet needs in an emergency isn’t covered.

Another, although less common, complaint is that it is difficult to opt out of the Banfield Wellness plan once you’ve signed up. Some reviewers have even reported that payments were still expected after a pet has passed away.

However, for individuals who are looking for discounts on pet care and office visits, the plan appears to work well and provide significant savings. This is especially true when people are covering puppies and kittens who will need a number of vaccines and checkups.

Whether or not this plan is right for you and your pets will depend on what exactly you’re expecting and if you think you’ll need regular access to a vet.